Essentia Trading has announced the winning contractors for two new energysaving frameworks that it says ‘offer unique savings guarantees for NHS Trusts and other public sector organisations’ – the Essentia LED Lighting Framework and the Essentia Battery Storage Framework.

Essentia said: “NHS Trusts and other public sector organisations can now use the frameworks to procure public sectorcompliant suppliers for their energysaving projects. Both guarantee that if the expected cost savings are not reached within the contract period, the supplier will pay the difference. Suppliers have been appointed for up to four years.”

The free-to-use Essentia LED Lighting Framework is ‘a UK-wide lighting framework that helps public sector clients deliver cost, carbon, and ongoing maintenance savings, and improve environments and lighting services’. Contracts can be awarded via direct award or mini-competition. Essentia says this is the only lighting-specific framework to offer a savings guarantee. The seven winning suppliers are: E.ON, Ecolite, Thorlux Lighting, Blackbourne, Gamma Group, Energy Saving Lighting (ESL), and Energys Group.


The free-to-access Essentia Battery Storage Framework supports public sector clients in procuring battery storage solutions to reduce fixed and variable charges. Several of the suppliers can implement computer-controlled battery storage solutions, enabling organisations to reduce Triad charges, DUoS charges, Capacity Market Charges, and utilise grid incentives such as Firm Frequency Response. The six winning suppliers are Bouygues Energies and Services, red T Energy Storage, Centrica Business Solutions, Powerstar, EDF Energy, and Veolia.


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