Static Systems has introduced ‘SmartSync Lite’, a wireless nurse call solution that comes as a complete system in a box and is extremely fast and easy to install.

Serving up to 20 beds, SmartSync Lite is ideal for smaller installations that require standard patient-to-nurse call functionality. The system includes a wireless gateway, a staff indicator with touch screen, patient hand units, jack, reset and emergency call units.

All equipment is supplied pre-programmed and ready to go, with call units making use of the recently introduced SmartFit enclosure, and powered using only standard AA batteries.

SmartSync Lite is designed to be scalable and uses exactly the same equipment as Static’s market-leading Aspire SmartSync system.

Teams wanting to maximise the benefits associated with using SmartSync Lite can effortlessly add on extra staff indicators and call points, incorporate enhanced functionality to help with task management and connect to a LAN.

SmartSync Lite is straightforward to decommission and store away for future use making it an ideal temporary solution during phased upgrade works or as an emergency back-up for a hospital’s existing nurse call provision.

Matt Wakelam, Product Manager at Static Systems, comments: “We’re delighted to bring this product to market. We’re confident that SmartSync Lite will be well received; not only is it straightforward to install, but it can also be easily decommissioned and stored away for future use, making it an ideal temporary or standby system.

“The scalable nature of SmartSync Lite offers hospitals flexibility to add to the system in the future if required, which we know will appeal to those who may look to extend their nurse call system in phases.”

For futher information visit, e-mail, or call 01902 895 551.


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