New partnership will combine market leading integration engine with established integrated care record technology to support NHS trusts in delivering high-quality shared care records

Enovacom and Stalis have joined forces to help UK health and care providers breakdown the technical barriers of extracting and sharing patient data to create integrated care records that support better care outcomes and improvements in the patient experience.

The partnership, thought to be a first of its kind between an integration provider and NHS data specialist, brings together two established software providers that have solely focused on digital healthcare for a combined half century.

Combining Enovacom’s integration capabilities with Stalis’ data management and integrated care records has vast potential to give healthcare providers more ownership and control to accelerate the adoption of integrated care records, a key element of the NHS’ Long Term Plan.

Mark Smith, Business Development Director UK at Enovacom, said: “The role of integrated healthcare records for improving quality of services and delivering efficiencies has never been more crucial for UK health economies yet the major challenge of getting clean, verified data shared across disparate care organisations remains.”

Regional programmes and local healthcare providers with ambitions to create cost-effective, scalable integrated care records can now access combined market leading technology suites from both Enovacom and Stalis to support their digital strategies.

Enovacom’s Integration Engine, just part of its overall proposition and already used by over 1,500 health organisations world-wide, allows healthcare providers to create interfaces and share data easily using an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) without the need to program or resource scarce, and often expensive, integration architects.

Smith added: “We’ve developed a powerful suite of interoperable technologies that can be rapidly deployed, scalable and easy-to-use, which is ideal for any healthcare provider looking to develop their digital maturity across a region.

“Add Stalis’ impressive track record for managing and migrating data, and you have a powerful solution for extracting and sharing vital patient information for immediate clinical and organisational benefit” concluded Smith.

The Integration Engine is also scalable in its architecture. When used in conjunction with Stalis’ CareXML platform, which creates one shared view of a patient’s health and social care information based on a single integrated repository, a real-time and scalable Integrated Care Record can be achieved faster than ever before.

The combined technologies will allow healthcare providers to have complete control over their information systems and data flow, helping them to reduce the number of unplanned admissions, unnecessary patients visits and support a better optimised patient journey.

Andrew Meiner, managing director at Stalis, said: “It’s widely underestimated how much NHS data is locked in institutional, departmental and individual systems silos. This data has the potential to transform healthcare services dramatically, particularly in the mental health and community sectors which are in some respects held back by a lack of integration skills to deliver interoperability.

The new partnership started at mental health provider Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. Long-standing partner Stalis recommended Enovacom to the trust to help develop a proof of concept for a set of interfaces using Enovacom’s Integration Engine to support its journey to shared care records.

The success of the project has seen Enovacom selected as the trust’s International Global Digital Exemplar partner and they are working to help shape a blueprint that will support mental health fast followers accelerate their digital maturity. Stalis will support the blueprint and both companies hope to replicate this success with other care providers through their official collaboration.

“Partnering with Enovacom helps healthcare providers to easily manage their own integration or create more volume of interoperability, based on verified and accessible data. We have the capacity to work with all of Enovacom’s software editors as our products are agnostic. The partnership felt like a good fit from the start. Their team have extensive experience in integration, we share an engineering focus and are both dedicated to only working in healthcare”, added Meiner.


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