A university hospital in Airdrie, Scotland, has successfully streamlined its outpatient processes after introducing digital technology to manage consulting room capacity in its General Outpatient and Orthopaedic Outpatients Departments clinics for the first time.

The room scheduling software was introduced to reduce waiting times for patients and streamline their pathways to care, when visiting the University Hospital Monklands.

Supplied by BookWise Solutions, the tech was fully implemented to replace the manual system used previously to request rooms, in a bid to increase efficiency in the hospital.

Room requests are now submitted electronically for staff to review and approve much quicker, with the aim of increasing efficiency, as Kerry Paterson, service support manager at University Hospital Monklands, explains:

“Increasing demand to meet capacity needs and to reduce waiting time for patients had caused our accommodation requests to soar. Originally, these requests involved a lengthy process, made through a mixture of email, phone calls and face-to-face bookings, and were managed using spreadsheets.

“University Hospital Monklands identified the need for an effective solution to manage the high volume of accommodation requests. We required a reliable, robust, and centralised system that would reduce the risk of error. We were mindful that any mistakes that happen can quickly lead to large delays that can impact on patient pathways and lead to unplanned workload for staff.

Now, three years later and the BookWise software allows all room bookings to be visible enabling us to easily identify any potential errors on bookings in a timely fashion, allowing for early resolution prior to problems occurring. The system is easy to use with minimal training requirements.

“There’s now a clear and improved visibility – people can quickly see the availability of our accommodation before inputting a request, ensuring it matches up to their needs. Once submitted, they’re notified in real time when their request is approved or rejected, with up to date details of the area and room that has been allocated, or a reason why it wasn’t possible this time. Ultimately, it’s enabled us to use a much more streamlined approach to our room booking, which has helped us to save time for staff, and patients.”

Denise Williamson, managing director at BookWise Solutions said of the installation:

“For our clients, there’s nothing more important than making the best use of their time and resources, which are increasingly becoming limited while demand continues to soar.

Digital systems like ours used by the team at University Hospital Monklands helps this hospital, and many more across the country, transforming their workflows to ensure their trained staff can spend more time on delivering care to patients, rather than lengthy admin tasks.”

BookWise Solutions works with 95 NHS Trusts and Health Boards across the UK, developing software that allows organisations to keep on top of their scheduling.

For further information visit www.bookwisesolutions.com.


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