NHS organisations can now access the company’s modern, integrated electronic patient record via the framework contract let by NHS England to support its transformation and integration agendas

IMS MAXIMS has secured a place on a framework contract established by NHS England to make it easier for healthcare economies to buy the IT they need for transformation and integration projects.

The company has secured a place on lot one of the Health Systems Support Framework, which covers electronic patient records for acute and mental health trusts. This makes IMS MAXIMS one of just eight vendors to be chosen for lot one, which is the last of ten lots to be announced.

Shane Tickell, CEO, IMS MAXIMS, explained that it had been required to video every piece of functionality included in its listing live and in-use at an NHS trust, and to have the videos endorsed by a customer at director level. NHS England then checked the endorsements.

“We were really pleased to be included on the framework, especially because the process had considerable validity behind it,” he said. “Organisations looking to use this framework can be confident that everything on it has been validated by our customers; including a global digital exemplar and a fast follower.”

Framework contracts should make it easier, quicker and cheaper for organisations to procure IT and other services, by pre-qualifying the companies on them. However, there are many framework contracts available to the NHS, and they tend to focus on specific systems.

The Health Systems Support Framework is meant to address both issues, by creating a consolidated framework that covers all the infrastructure, systems and data services that health and care systems need to move towards proactive, joined-up care, wrapped around the patient.

“This is a key framework,” Tickell said. “It has been run by NHS England and we hope that it will be adopted by NHSX. Being on the framework indicates that a company has solutions that meet their requirements.”

Tickell added that he thought the framework would be particularly useful for sustainability and transformation partnerships and integrated care services looking to consolidate IT systems to support information sharing.

He also expects it to be used by hospital groups and consortia looking to unify their approach to technology and by smaller trusts looking to progress their digital ambitions, either through a big bang approach or an incremental approach, without incurring the disruption and expense of a ‘rip and replace’.

“We are expecting STPs and ICSs to start to centralise across the piece, and for trusts to form consortia where it makes sense for a number of organisations to use the same system,” he said. “The framework will give them a route to do that.

“We are also seeing an emerging market for smaller trusts that want to progress their IT at their own pace. Our inclusion on lot one will give them another way to procure our system, which is ideal for trusts looking to do that.”

IMS MAXIMS’ listing on lot one of the HSS framework will give trusts access to its modern, open and integrated electronic patient record. This includes e-prescribing functionality and pharmacy stock control.

The IMS MAXIMS EPR is in use at Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, a global digital exemplar, and also in use at Wye Valley NHS Trust, Taunton and Somerset’s fast follower on the GDE programme.


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