Our advertising rates are likely to be the lowest on the market, our editorial flat rate is £90 with no word or image limit which runs online for 6 months and includes social media posts/tags and push notifications to subscribed users.

Banner advertising is £300 which runs online for 3 months and includes free editorial as part of the package.

Our traffic and circulation is transparent, we don’t use old out of date data to make our circulation figure look more impressive. Due to recent changes to GDPR laws we started afresh, none of this using old data, and b2b data, our data is current and only consists of users that opted in to receive our information.

In today’s world almost everyone uses social media as a means to reach out and get information they need, marketing emails are slowly becoming a thing of the past, if not a nuisance. Its proven that users engage more with social media, checking multiple times per hour than they do opening html marketing emails.

If you would like further information, please feel free to get in touch using the form below.